Study: supply chain execs feel pressure to boost profits As businesses look for ways to augment revenue and increase their operating margins, they are increasingly looking toward their supply chain executives to boost profits, according to a recently released study.

The study was conducted in November and stated that 96 percent of supply chain executives feel they are under "more pressure than ever" to help drive profitability by not only decreasing business costs that result from supply chain disruptions, but also developing strategies that directly boost sales.

Moreover, a majority of supply chain managers affirmed that in response to the increased challenges they are faced with, they will look toward their supply chain service and solution providers for new solutions; however, 45 percent of respondents asserted that their solution providers are "not proactive enough" in proposing new solutions and strategies.

While supply chain managers have historically been charged with streamlining supply operations, the added pressure is weighing on the executives, the report declared. When asked about their priorities for 2011, most supply chain managers cited cost reduction, reducing supply chain complexity and improving visibility as their biggest goals.
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