New Postmaster General hopes to improve efficiency, cut costs at USPSAs consumers frequently email and Facebook message instead of sending traditional "snail" mail, the U.S. Postal Service has looked for ways to improve its business efficiency and shore up its supply chain. The newly sworn in Postmaster General, Patrick R. Donahoe, said this week that the USPS will move to expedite wait times at its stores as it endeavors to win back customers.

While in the past postal clerks would ask a laundry list of questions to those looking to mail a letter or package, those questions are now eliminated for the most part, Donahoe said. "Lines at post offices are a major issue for me," he told the crowd at his swearing in. Likening the litany of questions to a fast food chain employee asking if a customer "wants fries with that," Donahoe said he aims to bring greater efficiency to the USPS while simultaneously cutting its business costs.

Moreover, Donahoe hopes to encourage people to do more postal business online or at retailers to free up wait times, he said that currently 35 percent of the business at the USPS is done online, but he wants that number to grow during his tenure. He is also, much to his chagrin, planning to cut some 7,500 jobs from the organization as it struggles to fill an $8 billion budget deficit.
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