Wing Waves; it sounds like something out of a Mad Lib almost. By now we all know what wind technology is and that it’s based upon harnessing the natural wind patterns to transfer energy to electricity. Wave energy is a similar renewable energy technology.

According to this article, Clean and Green Enterprises, a renewable energy company and researchers in Florida are five years in the making of Wing Waves which work in a way similar to a fan once they’ve been placed on the sea floor and start moving along with the rhythm of the waves. The Wing Waves move back and forth at a 30 degree angle and take around eight to ten seconds per cycle. They also shut down in excessive conditions to avoid damage being done to the system by too much wave energy.

The Wing Waves can generate enough electricity to power nearly 200,000 homes when placed in a square mile set up that is comprised of roughly 1,000 units according to Stephen Wood, a member of the research team. So far, they have not had any adverse effects on the ocean life and have even been attracting local fish.

Wing Waves are still in their infancy but we may see more of them to come. I, for one, will keep looking for more information on how it progresses.
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