The Open Group, a vendor- and technology-neutral standards syndicate, recently announced the formation of the Trusted Technology Forum (TTF), a group that endeavors to improve supply chain risk management, security and efficiency. Through thorough analysis, the group will help businesses determine where their hardware and software were sourced from and whether their suppliers are secure.

TTF counts the Department of Defense and myriad private companies as founding members and aims to address the supply chain risks associated with computer parts and security measures. Mary Ann Davidson, the chief security officer for Oracle, said there was a real need for the group: "Better industry practices related to supply chain risks with more transparency to buyers are both, in general, good things."

The group will advise businesses on how to ensure their supply chains remain efficient and stable: TTF will promulgate supply chain best practices for reducing supply chain risks through extensive research. Its first release is scheduled to be the Trusted Technology Provider Framework, which will build on existing standards and guide companies toward ensuring that their supply chains face minimal security risks.

Cisco's senior director of customer value chain management, Edna Conway, praised the group's work, declaring that it will create a "meaningful indicator of product assurance."
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