Ford to recall 20,000 vehicles on supply error A manufacturing error will disrupt Ford Motor Co's supply chain: The American car giant is recalling nearly 20,000 vehicles after reports surfaced that an electrical short could cause fires in some of its models.

The recall affects Ford's F-series heavy duty pickup trucks and its small utility vehicles Edge and Lincoln MKX. Ford is currently notifying owners of the vehicles, according to a company filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Roughly 15,000 of the recalled vehicles were sold in the U.S., with the remainder in Canada, according to a Ford spokesman.

Ford has, so far, not identified the supplier responsible for the body control modules that may produce an electrical short. The supply chain disruption is a headache for Ford as it emerges from near-insolvency just 17 months ago.

Ford announced that it will pay for all the repairs performed at Ford dealerships. Wes Sherwood, a Ford spokesman, affirms that the repair time is relatively short, but he declined to comment on the amount of money the company stands to lose on the repairs or exactly how long each repair will take.
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