Chrysler to recall 76,000 vehicles over brake issue One of the "Big Three" U.S. car makers, Chrysler endeavors to make a profit this year after it required government assistance less than two years ago amid its insolvency. However, that will prove increasingly difficult: the company now faces a supply chain headache as it must recall thousands of its vehicles.

The automaker announced that it will recall 76,000 diesel Dodge Ram pickups after reports surfaced of defective braking systems. In a notice it filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Chrysler affirmed that it will recall the 2010-2011 model trucks because of concerns over a hydroboost brake system that is outfitted with a faulty power steering reservoir cap.

The supply chain error could cause an accumulation of vent pressure in the brake pedals, making them slow to return. The risk of a crash can be raised by brake lights that are slow to extinguish, according to Chrysler. The automaker has received 175 reports of such problems and believes the issues are limited to 1 percent of the vehicles.

This newest supply chain inefficiency will take a toll on the company as it battles back from the brink of failure. Chrysler was told of the issue at the beginning of the year, but - and it is unclear why - waited until today to issue the recall.
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