Yahoo stocks rise on acquisition rumorSearch engine Yahoo's stock has been climbing on the NASDAQ exchange, thanks to reports that the company could soon be acquired by AOL.

Several news outlets confirmed the story earlier this week, but involved parties stated that the deal was still under discussion and that Yahoo had not yet been contacted about the possibility of a merger with AOL.

Ever since Yahoo turned down a buyout offer from Microsoft two years ago, investors have been ripe with speculation that the search engine could soon be acquired by any one of a number of technology companies. Instead, Yahoo has been the one doing the acquiring, buying a significant stake in the shopping site Alibaba.

According to Trading Markets, the market cap of Yahoo has reached $20.56 billion by October 13. Meanwhile, AOL's market cap is one-eighth of that figure at just $2.68 billion. Potential buyers told the site that they believe that AOL's offer of $20 per share is advisable for Yahoo, considering that Yahoo's shares are closing at around $15.
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