Price of iPhone on the rise after manufacturer agrees to pay workers moreMac junkies could soon be a paying a little more for their iPhones, as Foxconn has confirmed that it will be raising manufacturing costs for its clients.

Foxconn, a massive and notoriously secretive subsidiary of a major Taiwanese technology company, is perhaps best known for manufacturing the iPhone and the iPod. However, manufacturing costs at the company are on the rise, and the company intends to pass the price hikes on to Apple.

The culprit, however, isn't the price of the raw goods that go into making Apple's popular tech products. Rather, costs at Foxconn are on the rise because the company decided to improve employee pay, working conditions and safety measures after a series of worker suicides - at least 10 - earlier this year. According to Bloomberg, Foxconn workers at a southern China plant said their "meaningless" existence prompted their desire to end their lives.

While Foxconn says that many of its buyers have already agreed to the new quote, some companies, such as Nokia and Sony Ericcson, may be less willing to accept the price hikes because they are able source from various suppliers. 
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