Sainsbury's invests in rural supply chainUK supermarket Sainsbury's is investing in rural supply chain and encouraging farmers to adopt sustainable practices.

The British grocer is investing £40 million - approximately $62.9 million - over the next three years in its farming "development groups," an initiative designed to work with farmers covering different product areas such as meat, produce, milk and grain, the Telegraph reports.

Justin King, CEO of Sainbury's, said that one of the project's goals was to disprove myths about the way supermarkets treat small suppliers. Too often, grocery chains become "convenient bogeymen" when farmers are looking for a scapegoat, King told the paper.

"Too often you will hear farmers say 'supermarkets are doing this.' But we are not," he explained. "By reaching round, we are showing farmers that we really don't have two heads."

The investment will go toward providing IT resources for farmers, ordering benefits such as vet bill payments and training courses and improving infrastructure and efficiency within the supply chain. In addition, farmers will be eligible for a cash bonus if they adopt "good agricultural practice," meaning eco-friendly and sustainable farming techniques.

Sainbury's is the third-largest grocer in the UK by sales. 
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