Domino's Pizza reports revenuesDespite increased commodity costs and higher volumes across its supply chain, Domino's Pizza is reporting an increase in revenue during the third quarter of fiscal year 2010.

The pizza chain reported a 14.8 percent boost in its revenues compared to the same period last year, even though shortages and increased demand caused price hikes for many of the ingredients required to make its signature dishes. Additionally, the company's domestic same-store sales rose 11.7 percent during the same period.

"Robust sales volume ... drove positive results in the company's domestic supply chain business," the pizza company stated, adding that revenues increased "due primarily to higher volumes and commodity prices in supply chain, higher same store sales in both domestic and international stores and store count growth in international markets."

"Despite these tough economic times, we continue to outperform the majority of the restaurant industry due to our energized domestic business and our powerful international division," said J. Patrick Doyle, Domino's president and CEO.

Domino's recently launched an aggressive ad campaign touting its new pizza recipe and encouraging skeptics to give the chain another chance.
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