Boeing appoints supply chain leaderBoeing has announced that Mo Yahyavi will be the new leader of its supply chain operations.

Yahyavi, the former head of the company's 747 program, has been named vice president of supply chain management. His new duties will include monitoring and improving manufacturing practices and quality assurance, as well as developing management systems for Boeing's suppliers.

One of Yahyavi's most important tasks will be coordinating with outside vendors such as Alenia Aeronautica, which is having difficulty fulfilling its obligations to Boeing's 787 Dreamliner project. Alenia Aeronautica's issues, along with the problems that other supply chain components are experiencing with trying to manufacture Dreamliner parts, are largely to blame for a delay of nearly three years in the development of the new aircraft.

Alenia had trouble with horizontal stabilizers, a component of the Dreamliner and other airliners.

Yahyavi will also become vice president and senior adviser at Boeing and will report directly to Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The new position was created specifically for Yahyavi. 
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