Ernst & Young implements green supply chainErnst & Young is reporting that it has cut its carbon emissions in the Americas by 15 percent thanks to a greener supply chain.

Compared to the 2008-2009 fiscal year, the professional services firm has reduced its carbon footprint by 33,200 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide. The company also reported a 12 percent reduction in intensity, or carbon footprint per person, for the 41,487 employees currently working for the firm in the Americas. The total carbon footprint for Ernst & Young America during the fiscal year 2009 was 187,610 metric tonnes of carbon dixoide - 38 percent of which was office-related, while the other 62 percent came from business travel.

"A greener supply chain: Since 2009, 100 percent of comprehensive [requests for proposals] over $250,000 have included questions to Ernst & Young's US suppliers about their environmental impact and green initiatives," the company said in a statement.

The company added that its network of individuals is to thank for the efforts that have helped the company go green.

"The network unites executives in our real estate, facilities management, IT and procurement groups with our employee volunteers who have been the champions for our green practices in their home offices for nearly a decade," said Leisha John, Ernst & Young America's director of environmental sustainability.

Ernst & Young isn't the only company focusing on the impact of its supply chain on the environment. Recently, sportswear manufacturer Puma has also been working on ways to reduce its carbon footprint by greening its supply chain.
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