Once again, an app to beat all apps has been created for iPhone and iPad users. How many home run hits have you missed while waiting in line to get a cheesesteak or beer at the Phillies game? Now you don’t have to even get up!

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Aramark is working in conjunction with the Major League Baseball's At Bat 2010 or At Bat 2010 Lite "app," which the league, the Phillies, and the vendor have altered for use in Citizens Bank Park to allow for kitchen to seat delivery of a variety of hot food and cold beverage options. How does it work?

A fan launches the app on the iPhone, whose GPS system verifies that he or she is inside the ballpark. With a couple of taps, a menu of sandwich platters comes up: cheesesteak, roast pork, turkey, Italian hoagie, and crab cake. Each sandwich is served with a brownie and chips, so the price ($12 to $19) is a few dollars higher than in Ashburn Alley and premium-seating areas. (For instance, a Tony Luke's roast pork that sells for $8.50 at the concession will run $12.50 when delivered with chips and a brownie.) Water, soda, and beer (Bud and Bud Light) are available, though beer is delivered only with food, Aramark says. The menu might expand.”

The customer has to enter their seat coordinates and credit card information, the app processes the order and sends it to the Aramark system. The food is delivered hot and moist within 30 minutes or less (beat that Dominoes!). So far it has been a wide and positive success, fans are concerned though that when this expands if the quality will continue as initially experienced.

Aramark confirms that they will not offer the same concessions as the seat vendors, such as hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn in order to avoid deteriorating that atmosphere in the ballpark. They simply want to offer convenience to those who are willing to pay a higher premium for the chance to see every exciting aspect of the game.

Now if only they could come up with a solution for the long lines at the bathroom, I’d like to see an iPhone app for that!
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