I just thought I would take a few minutes to touch on an important topic, strategic alliances in business. Strategic alliances can be formed with one or more partners in a firm and can even consist of a network of companies. These alliances can be formed to alleviate risk financially or within a service related business among other circumstances. Not only can a strategic alliance help all parties involved share the risk but they can also share in costs. Risk management is actually one of the most common reasons to join forces with other companies. Expansion in services and talents are also a good reason. Here at Source One we have partners that help us strengthen our abilities to provide the best possible service to our clients. Strengthening the business muscles in this case can also help a company to enter into new markets with more ease than had they tried to alone. Partnering with foreign alliances can make this collusion even less complicated. Additionally, within a strategic alliance companies can manage uncertain situations better. By collaborating with other firms companies can pursue strategies with more force if they have the proper backing they need. Finally it is important to remember to set clear guidelines when forming these types of alliances. Companies can easily fall into situations where information sharing becomes legally complicated. The idea of the alliance is to share resources not hoard them. However companies must know when to protect their assets and when to share them with others.
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Jennifer Ulrich

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