I am sure most of you, much like myself, were confused, bewildered, and left with your head spinning last Sunday at the finale of LOST.

I began reflecting on the last 6 years and what has happened. I first thought of all the money I’ve spent the last 5 years on food, drinks, and cleaning products while hosting weekly LOST parties at my house.

We went back and watched the very first episode and began discussing how the characters got from that point to the finale and everything that happened in between. Whatever your theory of what the “Island” is, I began thinking of the obscene amount of money people spent on studying it, protecting it, and trying to destroy it.

First the Dharma Initiative built 10 elaborate stations in order to conduct research in various fields such as zoology and psychology. Most of these stations were built pretty far underground (and underwater). These stations would have cost any where from $5 - $50 million to build and equip. They needed an army of people to build and maintain these stations. They recruited the most brilliant people in the world, like Juliet, to conduct the research at each station, which I am sure wasn’t cheap considering most probably earned a minimum of $350K a year. They also needed teachers, mechanics, doctors, janitors, engineers, security, etc. in order to maintain this self-sufficient society. The Dharma folks had all of their supplies they needed (yes – beer is a necessity) dropped on the island periodically. They apparently had enough money to continue to deliver supplies to the island well after their people were dead. They even had their own submarine to get to and from the island! That alone would have to cost a minimum $250 million.

Then there’s the wealthy business man Charles Whitmore. He must have spent over $500 million between large freighters, helicopters, fake planes at the bottom of the ocean with a few hundred dead people, and his army of personnel doing his bidding – doctors, scientists, crazy ex-military commandos, geo-physicists (that look like Tina Fey) and experts in almost every field imaginable.

So in all, “protecting” this island has been a multi-billion dollar venture. So who was fitting the bill for all this?

If Whitmore and the Dharma Initiative would have utilized Source One’s procurement services they could have still saved the island, made it to purgatory, and ultimately to heaven, while spending 20 – 30% less!

I guess if you can control time and space money is no object – so I’m going to get to work on that!
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Nick Haneiko

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