There is so much debate about Government budgets and the size of the national debt. After much thought, I have come up with the following plan to eliminate the budget deficit within the next year and the national debt over the next five years. My plan eliminates $2 - $3 trillion from the Federal budget and can be implemented immediately.

Health Care (estimated savings $1 Trillion annually) - 40 years ago, there was a device on Star Trek called the medical tricorder. Just wave it over someone and in seconds it could diagnose what was wrong with them. Who needs expensive equipment like MRI machines? Cost $44.99 for the official model or you can get the iPhone app for a few bucks.

And then there's the Ultrasound Bloodless Surgery. Fixed up and healed in minutes. Just think about all the hospital and pharmacy costs that will be saved.

Defense (estimated savings $500 Billion annually) - In Avatar, the Na'vi enlist the help of Pandora's animals to beat the US military. Let's get the animals on our side before someone else does. As backup, we can put Ironman on a $1 Billion retainer. Tony Stark has already privatized world peace.

Transportation, Education, Labor, Housing, Energy & Agriculture (estimated savings $350 Billion annually) - We can all live the Amish way. No driving, grow our own stuff, one room school house and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. If someone needs a house - everyone will pitch in and build them one. For extra money, we can build those Amish fireplaces and sheds and sell them to Greece, Portugal and Spain.

Homeland Security, FBI & CIA (estimated savings $350 Billion annually) - Sherlock Holmes has this stuff down to a science. Since Sherlock and Ironman are the same person, this is a no brainer.

Space Program (estimated savings $10 Billion annually) - get NASA to enlist blue whales. The whales could swallow the astronauts and shoot them to the moon through their blow holes.

Tax Sex and Drugs (estimated revenue $ 25 Billion annually) - hey, sex and drugs sell, even in bad times. Why miss out on this steady revenue stream?

You may think that these ideas are crazy. They aren't as bad as some of the things that I have heard politicians propose. What ideas do you have?
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Steve Belli

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  1. What about this?

    It helps decrease oil consumption and polution with the added benefit of increased physical fitness of aging fathers (reducing health care costs).

  2. I heard that you can stop global warming by putting out the sun.