With all the buzz around new devices: i-phone, my phone, your phone, and new applications, services, promotions...it's a wonder business managers are crazed with decisions on which equipment to purchase, which provider to use, and which plans to implement.

Each provider will tell you why their network and equipment is the best and perfect for your business.

The first and most important question for managers to ask is what does the employee really need to get the job done?

Here are a few things to think about:

Voice plans
  • Talk time requirements and coverage

Data plans

  • Bandwidth requirements and coverage

Bundle plans – voice and data

Features and other applications

  • Texting
  • GPS
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Other pertinent features or apps
  • What features should be blocked


Equipment Ease of Use

Financial investment and Cost of Ownership

  • Equipment purchase
  • Monthly recurring charges
  • Ongoing network developments and end-user training

Network Requirements

  • Operating systems (BES, Android, IPhone, Windows, etc)

Liability – corporate vs. individual employee

Businesses should also consider implementing a mobile policy and encourage formal compliance. Mobile policies not only produce a financial savings, but can help ensure employees are using company equipment for business purposes.

Mobile policies will all promote safe and secure use of equipment. Don't text and drive.

For more information on mobile policies or help managing your cell phone fleet, please visit Source One Management Services, LLC at http://www.sourceoneinc.com/.

If you have no interest in what you are paying or what your employees are doing, then I would recommend purchasing the Versace Unique!

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  1. New academic research finds that different generations workers have some very different values than previous generations when it comes to the working world.

    The authors looked at five different values - extrinsic value like pay, benefits and status, intrinsic values like meaningful work, social values, altruistic values and leisure values. The study respondents were nationally representative samples of 16,507 U.S. high-school seniors in 1976, 1991 and 2006, representing baby boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.

    Author says leisure value has increased steadily over the generations while centrality of work declined. Generation Y does not favor altruistic work values such as volunteering.

    Extrinsic values like status or money peaked with Generation X, but it is still higher among Generation Y than it was among boomers.

    This shows how each Generation reacts according to the time they were born. This is really interesting. We are growing up with i-phone and i-pad. I wonder what will our children and their children will grow up with?

    -Yagnesh Out!