Have you thought about starting your own garden to save some money this summer? Having your own small garden or container garden continues to grow in popularity. Even the White House partakes in gardening. But really farming on a small scale or “gardening” really is not anything new and it’s been feeding families for a very long time. It takes a little upfront investment, but you can reap the awards of your hard work with fresh fruits and vegetables all summer long. A small garden in your back yard or a container garden can cost you about $100 to get started. You need some gardening tools, soil, fertilizer, and some plants of your choice. If you want to save some additional money, think about using seeds in your garden or containers (try something like lettuce) and make yourself a salad. According to one article, the Department of Agriculture indicates the savings is significant for planting your own garden, at least $1000 worth of vegetables for a $100 investment. My personal opinion is it’s definitely worth the investment if you enjoy it. You feel good and proud when you are able to bring those home grown vegetables to your table. But don’t forget gardening is work, and you won’t see the savings if you don’t remember to water, fertilize, weed, and battle pests throughout the season.
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Lindsey Fandozzi

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  1. The biggest cash crop in the USA is marijuana. For a small investment, you can get big returns. We should empty the prisons and tax the pot farmers. This will help government deficits and people will be happier.