Obama is asking us to all work together to help save our economy and bring more jobs to Americans. A recent commentary indicated that the outskirts of some cities and towns have been hard at work achieving this goal through collaboration. For example, outside Seattle 14 cities and one county pool their resources and funding to coordinate affordable housing near mass transit. Chicago area municipalities were hit hard during the 2009 foreclosure crisis with 41,321 foreclosures. By working together with outside groups and overcoming the trials and tribulations of local politics, the municipalities were able to put together a plan for affordable housing near mass transit and ensure people are able to get to jobs. Although they were denied for federal stimulus funding, they are moving in the right direction. Allegheny County in PA goes beyond providing affordable housing, and they collaborate with Pittsburgh for shared services like police and fire departments.

There can be success with collaboration. Most companies (or cities and towns in this case) do not have the time, resources or tools to get results on their own, but by working together results and savings can be achieved. Source One provides that expertise and collaborates with their clients on a daily basis because it’s known we can achieve more together then we can apart. I would hope that this process continues to expand to more areas of the US so that more people can benefit from the results.
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Lindsey Fandozzi

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