Hiring Managers – where do you currently look for Procurement and Supply Chain talent? 

That's the question being asked by recruiting gurus Naseem Malik and Aaron Cleavinger, who recently partnered to launch Vitalize Talent - more specifically the Procurement Spark and Supply Chain Spark Job Boards.  These two job boards offer job seekers and hiring managers a dedicated career hub for the procurement, purchasing, strategic sourcing, and supply chain management disciplines. 

Back to the question - where do you find talent to fill your open Procurement and Supply Chain positions?  If your answer is, "We outsource talent search to HR and don’t get too involved," - then you may not be interested to read on.  

But for those that take an active role in their recruiting, there’s now a new service to help streamline this process. We talked to Aaron and Naseem about the Procurement Spark and Supply Chain Spark job boards. Here's what they had to say:

There are plenty of job boards out there. Why launch one for Procurement and Supply Chain?

We both share in the quest to enhance value across the talent chain.  In thinking about the things that challenge both companies and job seekers alike, we asked ourselves a series of questions:

  • Why is it, that with the growing significance of these critical functions, we don’t have trusted, niche procurement/supply chain job boards and career portals? 
  • What if you no longer had to post a job on multiple job boards or sites, and wait passively with the "post and pray" strategy?  
  • What if you no longer do you had to merely rely on the traditional, "horizontal marketplaces" that are out there serving every kind of company and job?
To put it simply, what if there was a better way to hire?

What do hiring managers need to know about the Procurement Spark and Supply Chain Spark Boards?

It's a better way to hire! These boards are places where procurement and supply management professionals can facilitate and engage on all things related to jobs, career advice, and communicating with fellow like-minded practitioners. We are convinced that our specialization is one of most important value-add and differentiators with other methods out there. As evangelists of both procurement and executive recruiting, we are creating an online and exclusive talent support community: We know procurement practitioners are zealots when it comes to networking and collaborating. And Procurement & Supply Chain Spark is the place for them.

How can Hiring Managers become part of this Community?

Head on over to the Procurement Spark or Supply Chain Spark boards to learn more!
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