Let's face it, the job market today isn't exactly booming, and it's unclear when conditions are going to change for the better once again. For that reason, many with experience in the procurement side of the supply chain may be on the lookout for new employment opportunities, but may not be sure of how to maximize their chances for success.

No matter if you're just getting into the business or you've been working in procurement for years, it's critical to know what companies that may be hiring today are looking for, and how you can position yourself as the best possible candidate for any open purchasing role, according to Study.com. Whether you are interested in public- or private-sector jobs, the ask from a would-be employer in terms of your skills and qualifications probably won't change much, unless when looking at various levels of the corporate ladder.

How can you stand out in a crowded job market?How can procurement pros stand out in a crowded job market?

You will likely need skills including familiarity with database management, enterprise resource planning (and accompanying software), inventory management, negotiation expertise and more, the report said. Simply put, you are being asked to strike that just-right balance between price and quality on an ongoing basis, and you need the experience and talent to deliver results. More importantly, you need to demonstrate that experience and talent on a resume or cover letter and in an interview.

Know what you're looking for
As with many other things in the professional world, there's a lot more to finding a good job than just landing any available position, according to Bramwith Consulting. Ideally, your position will align with both your short- and long-term career goals, the skills you bring to the table and be in a corner of the industry you're passionate about. Of course, ideal circumstances may be fewer and farther between in today's job market, but it's still important to find as much symmetry between what a company can do for you, and what you can do for a company.

However, you can also do more to make it clear to would-be employers what you're looking for so it's easier to nail down a role that will be a good match, the report said. Ensuring your resume or cover letter (or even LinkedIn profile) make your career goals evident to a hiring manager will help make sure everything is as lined-up as possible.

Understanding the game
Of course, you need to be in a position to put your best foot forward in interview settings, and the best way to do that is by anticipating the kinds of questions you will be asked, according to Supply Chain Game Changer. A little research will help you determine more about what a specific company is looking for in a procurement professional, and you can really think about how to provide a perfect answer, drawing on your experience and knowledge of the field.

While no two jobs or professionals are alike, making sure you put in the work to present yourself in the best possible light when you find the right role is really all you can do to ensure you find a position that fits your wants and needs.

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