Navigating the job marketplace is a challenge that continues to evolve. It used to be that you could apply to a job posting in a local listing or simply show up in person for an on-the-spot interview. But now there are so many more options, and in all that possibility - it's not always easy to land on the winning strategy. 

Recently, the Strategic Sourceror covered how executive recruiting experts Naseem Malik and Aaron Cleavinger have partnered to launch Vitalize Talent - more specifically the Procurement Spark and Supply Chain Spark Job Boards.  These two job boards offer job seekers and hiring managers a dedicated career hub for the procurement, purchasing, strategic sourcing, and supply chain management disciplines. 

We asked Aaron and Naseem to make the case for Procurement and Supply Chain job seekers to use their platforms:

Why should job seekers be using your platform, when there are already a lot of recruiting avenues?

Our vision behind Procurement Spark and Supply Chain Spark is to make the hiring process more efficient and improve the outcomes. Having a robust feature set, active users, and a business model that caters to just procurement and supply chain will undoubtedly improve the velocity and quality of our new platform. The most prominent hiring platforms in the market today, like LinkedIn or CareerBuilder, are "horizontal" marketplaces. They cut across industries, job types, disciplines. Our platform, on the other hand, has a very specific functional focus on Procurement and Supply chain "verticals."  This gives a depth and weight that other job boards by their very nature just aren’t capable of having. 

So where does that depth and weight come from?

We (Aaron and Naseem) spent our careers as practitioners, building and leading Procurement and Supply Management capabilities in industry before we each launched executive recruiting firms. We've seen time and again that procurement and supply chain professionals want to connect directly with employers. They want to avoid the typical roadblocks (membership fees, expired postings, duplicate jobs, etc.), and let their expertise speak for itself

What else should Procurement and Supply job seekers know?

As we continue to evolve, we’ll adopt an open-source approach to enhancing our offerings and improving our services to both companies and professionals. We have no qualms about being in a constant state of work-in-progress because we’re all about continuous improvement. Our goal is to make our job boards the ultimate conduit for companies and their next great hire.

Visit the Procurement Spark or Supply Chain Spark boards to get started!

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