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Companies are always looking for new and creative ways to retain their employees and maintain a strong workplace. Many have created daycare programs, maternity, and paternity leave, and gym memberships – all of which have costs associated. However, research shows that employee satisfaction is strongly linked to intangible elements of the workplace such as corporate culture, senior leadership, and opportunities for career growth.

In fact, a major drive of employee engagement is recognition. Simply recognizing employees for a job well done when credit is due, costs nothing and provides a workplace perk employees most crave.

“Leaders are concerned with finances of the company and often overlook the significance of everyday interaction with their employees. It is the little things such as a simple acknowledgement of good work or even a ‘Thank You’ that can make a difference.” explains Naseem Malik, Managing Partner of MRA Global Sourcing.

The supply management and procurement recruiting specialist recommends three tips to produce a culture of recognition in the office:

1: Be Genuine. Recognize your employees for a job well done. Don’t praise just to praise. Employees know the difference between a false compliment and actual recognition. Commending a team member should be natural and meaningful. Take time to discuss with them why they a great job. Be descriptive about how they had an impact on the company. Reassure them to continue the good work.

2: Place yourself in someone else’s position.
Think about when you were last recognized for the amount of work and extensive hours you put in on a project. Did you feel valued? This satisfaction is similar to what your employees are looking for and the commendation they are striving for. Each person has a specific role that contributes to the company, and merits some sense of gratitude.

Demonstrating attentiveness in your workers’ accomplishments shows that you are interested in their contributions to the company but also in them as an individual. When employees feel genuinely valued, it fosters a stronger dedication to any given project, client, and the company overall.

3: See everyone’s potential.
It’s not always easy to find a reason to recognize an individual. You need to understand that every employee offers something unique to the company, possessing their own specific talent and abilities. Maybe they improve comradery in the workplace, or they’ve been committed to the company for years. No matter what it may be, it is your responsibility to support them, inspire them, and recognize their contributions.

“The impact of simple recognition is often overlooked, especially when the company may be unable to provide extraordinary incentives. By taking some time to genuinely commend your team, you and your firm collectively will reap the benefits. As many will say, ‘It pays to praise.’ ” – adds Malik.
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