Global Healthcare Exchange acquires payment tech supplier Hap-X

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC, a provider of cloud-based health care procurement and supply chain management solutions, recently announced that it has officially acquired H-Card LLC, or Hap-X, a vendor of online payment technology.

This purchase marks the major second acquisition GHX has made over the past two years and was made with the intention of expanding its financial portfolio, allowing it to provide health care organizations that use its software systems with more payment options and finalizing its demand-to-pay model. Furthermore, Hap-X's solutions will make it so that health care providers, as well as their suppliers, can choose the payment method that delivers the most value with each partner, GHX explained in its announcement.

GHX President and CEO Bruce Johnson said that this is now the only solution that offers health care organizations the ability to leverage multiple payment models. Additionally, he indicated that this move will aid in "solv[ing] the payment management challenges that are adding costs to health care."

Hap-X President and CEO Mike Carmody expressed excitement about the acquisition, adding that GHX will assist in resolving some of the supply chain management and operational problems organizations currently face.

According to B2BecNews, GHX's network is currently composed of over 5,600 health care providers and 750 suppliers throughout North America and Europe. The other notable acquisition the company made prior to this one was of Vendormate in November 2014, a business that specializes in supplier relationship management software.

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