Following up on last week's announcement, in less than one week from today, Source One's William Dorn will be presenting a webinar hosted by Next Level Purchasing on Wednesday, January 29th, at 11:30 am EST. Signup is here.

Titled "Bridging the Gap Between IT and Procurement", the webinar will focus on changes that have affected both IT and Procurement as the business environment evolves, how those changes have impacted each group, and how each groups' reaction to the changes creates gaps and negatively alters the work environment. Dorn will then discuss the underlyign causes of those gaps, and offer steps to not only mend the gaps but increase organizational efficiencies in the process.

The presentation comes at an opportune time, with IT predicted to be a hot category in 2014 for many procurement teams and Source One's IT teams seeing a rise in clients seeking IT procurement services. Those attending the webinar next Wednesday are sure to come away better equipped to improve their own IT procurement policies, and if there are still lingering questions, there will be a questions period immediately following the formal presentation.

We look forward to seeing you there!
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