Source One is in the news again.

IT & Procurement Webinar

Source One's Bill Dorn will present a webinar titled "Bridging the Gap Between IT and Procurement" on January 29 at 11:30a. The webinar will be hosted by, and can be signed up for for free (note: it's members-only, but basic memberships are absolutely free).  

The presentation will cover the difficulties experienced when implementing traditional procurement methods in IT, the increased demands that both IT and Procurement departments face in the modern workspace, and how those difficulties and demands lead to gaps forming between the two. Dorn will then cover what steps can be taken by procurement groups to better the relationship between their department and IT, and then review more strategic initiatives that can lead to further collaboration between the two groups. 

Given the rising importance of IT within most businesses, and the growing demand for spend management within the category, the Source One webinar should prove valuable to any organization. Sign up today!

Health Care Sourcing Expertise on Display, dedicated their weekly radio show with Procurement Insight to Source One's knowledge of the Affordable Care Act and its effects on health care procurement. This discussion stems from Source One project manager Jamie Burkart's December column at, which has been a popular read since its publication in the middle of that month. 

Read the article here, then listen to the discussion here Gets New Must-Have Features!

Source One's free e-sourcing toolset was in the news this week for a series of upgrades which implemented some new must-have features, namely expanded search capabilities and the ability to pause and resume reverse auctions. The ability to pause and resume reverse auctions is particularly valuable as it gives buyers the ability to answer detailed questions from suppliers and incorporate new information into their query without disrupting it by forcing them to cancel and restart, possibly losing information and suppliers in the process. The enhanced search features enable much faster supplier identification for buyers, and allows suppliers to better tailor their WhyAbe storefronts to attract potential buyers. 

See the full release here.
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