A shocking development occurred in the snack industry yesterday when Kraft Foods announced that there was going to be a near-term shortage of Velveeta, the well known semi-cheese product used in dips and other homemade snack treats.

While no explanation for the shortage of Velveeta on grocery shelves on east coast was given by Kraft, a spokeswoman for the company has attributed the lack of the product on, "seasonal demand".

"Given the incredible popularity of Velveeta this time of year, it is possible consumers may not be able to find their favorite product on store shelves over the next couple of weeks," Kraft spokeswoman Jody Moore said in an email. "Our retail customers are aware of the situation and we expect it to be a short-term issue."

One has to wonder if there could be a supply chain disruption, although the ingredients used in producing the "Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product", which are milk, milk by-products, and water, should all be items Kraft has readily available.

The effect the Velveeta shortage may have on consumers hosting Super Bowl parties or viewing the upcoming Winter Olympics is yet to be known. Kraft is saying store shelves will be packed with Velveeta soon, but snackers may want to begin formulating alternate plans now.

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