Haggen Inc. to streamline supply chainHaggen, Inc., one of the leading independent supermarket chains in the Pacific Northwest, recently teamed up with the Park City Group to help improve its customer service through supply chain management solutions.

The Park City Group is a leader in consumer good supply chain technology and will provide solutions to help Haggen cut costs by increasing the efficiency of its supply chain with a focus on areas such as inventory management and reducing operational labor.

“The purpose of our technology is to improve sales and reduce out of stocks, with a focus on delivering the right product to the shopper in the right place at the right time," said C.J. Gabriel, Jr., president & CEO of Haggen & TOP. "We accomplish this by significantly enhancing collaboration between the retailer and suppliers. Retailers like Haggen that take action first have a major advantage versus their competitors and will be better able to take advantage of the current and future economic environments.”

Park City will help Haggen increase its visibility with inventory on shelves in its facilities and improve the stock of the store based on consumer demand.

Finding the right partner can make a big difference in terms supply chain and procurement costs. A California hospital recently managed to save $1.2 million in its first year of being in partnership with a healthcare alliance, improving its supply chain management after aligning with a group.
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