The old adage “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is applicable to the world of savings. A successful savings strategy encompasses a well thought out plan backed up by market research. The business world calls this Strategic Sourcing. However, consumers can glean useful principles from these strategies and apply them to their everyday decision making. One way to plan into savings is to use internet rebate websites to find the best deals.

I have found that my monthly expenses are split between fixed and variable expenses.

50% of my monthly spend are fixed expenses which include rent/mortgage/loans/insurance/utilities, savings, etc..,
50% of my monthly spend are variable expenses which include food, gasoline, entertainment, household goods, etc… Variable expenses vary monthly based on need, impulse buy, and other deciding factors.

One strategy to save money at home is to utilize the internet as a savings tools to find the best deals for variable monthly expenses. By planning ahead and researching the internet for deals, substantial savings can be realized. Internet rebate websites partner with large manufacturers and distributors by selling their products to you through their rebate site. The manufacturers and/or distributors pay the internet site a “commission” on the sale. The internet rebate site then “shares” the commission with the customer.

Shopping online may not satisfy the immediate gratification needs, but it is important to keep in mind that companies can offer more competitive pricing by selling products online from the reduced overhead.

Rebates - Getting a “refund” after sale completion (usually after a set time period):
1. Online rebate websites – (I have used and and have been paid by both sites faithfully)

2. Manufacturer’s websites – most major manufactures offer online rebates with instruction on how to redeem (can be used with online rebate websites at times)

Discount sites
1. (involves a paid membership fee)

These are some of the top savings tools online. Research the product of interest at each one and enjoy the savings!
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