Johnson & Johnson issues yet another recall Plagued by supply chain management issues over the past year, Johnson & Johnson this week issued its latest recall of one of its over-the-counter medications.

Officials from Johnson & Johnson said Friday that the company would voluntarily pull  some versions of its infant Tylenol from its shelves. The unit that issued the recall is the same division that was responsible for a number of safety and quality control violations last year, The Associated Press reports.

That unit, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, came under intense scrutiny last year after consumers throughout the U.S. reported finding wood, metal and other detritus in some of the company's other medical offerings. Johnson & Johnson issued a number of recalls as a result, and the consumer products giant was chastised for its seemingly slow response to the health scare, according to the AP.

Johnson & Johnson said it is recalling roughly 574,000 bottles of the grape-flavored version of the infant Tylenol. Company officials said that they had received complaints regarding the part of the bottle designed to help measure doses.

Johnson & Johnson has issued more than 20 recalls in the past 24 months.
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