Closing three PA refineries would disrupt supply chain management Closing three Pennsylvania refineries would increase the reliance of the state on outside sources of energy, and complicate current supply chain management efforts, lobbyists told state officials on February 7.

"The shuttering of all three refineries...would result in a historic quantum change in how energy is provided to the Commonwealth," John Kulik, executive vice president of the Pennsylvania Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, stated at the hearing held by the Pennsylvania state Senate's Majority Policy Committee, according to AOL Energy. "Pennsylvania would go from being at the beginning of the supply pipeline to possibly relying on another pipeline – the Colonial – that crosses ten states before it comes here."

Closing the refineries would force marketers to revamp their current supply chain operations involving the transfer of lubricants, gasoline and diesel fuel, the media outlet reports. Southwest Pennsylvania would face the biggest challenges in the advent of closing the plants, as the region is required to use a specific type of gasoline supplied by facilities in the eastern part of the state.

Pennsylvania energy legislation has gained national media visibility in the last few years, as regulations affecting drilling the Marcellus Shale have attracted the interest of various companies as well as environmental groups, according to The Associated Press. 
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