Leap day was introduced by Julius Caesar in the Roman Empire and is needed to keep our calendar in alignment of the Earth’s rotations around the sun. For most businesses the extra day this month will be fairly insignificant. For example, some businesses that have hourly employees will have to adjust their expenses for Leap day. Also, all businesses will have to increase their utility budgets to account for the additional day in February. In this area, the extra day for utilities probably does not have much significance for businesses considering the mild winter weather we had.

Although there is an extra day of expenses to account for, there is also a positive to Leap day. The extra day is another opportunity to gain revenue for your business in a short month. Businesses are set to offer Leap Day sales to consumers in an attempt to gain additional revenue. Check your local listings.

Finally, Leap Day is also a chance to kick back and enjoy the day (even if it’s not your birthday). It’s a chance to break from the norm. The Washington Post provides some tips for enjoying the day. Happy Leap Day!
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