There are times in our lives and society that we often depict as defining moments. These are events where we seem to garner the direction which eventually moves us into other areas of eventual future potential. Sometimes these occurrences happen and we do not realize until later in life when we take a moment to look back. In this case, we have all grown up in a world of wanting specific objects whether luxury items or necessities. We see objects that appeal to our desires, whether we need the item or not, and we are driven to purchase the item because we have the power.

With the holidays coming up I thought it would be appropriate to take a minute to identify one of the most exciting activities, well for most women at least. There are certain questions every shopper must ask themselves. Whether they need the item, the amount they are willing to travel to obtain this item, and the importance of having this specific item. Shoppers gain a sense of power through shopping. Having the latest item such as the newest smartphone or designer bag, gives us a feeling of power and accomplishment. Having these material objects may make individuals feel they have gained an acceptance from peers to achieve a certain position in society. Shopping is a very responsible job that requires careful planning on how to spend your income and satisfy those close to you with the correct purchases. I mean, do people really want gifts they don’t like? Research has shown women are more likely to be the head shopper of a household. When I go shopping, I tend to search for the best price and be able to bargain before I make purchases. It is very rare for me to make a purchase without it being on sale.

When purchasing an item, you have to be sure you know what you are purchasing and critically think through your purchase. The marketing industry has developed ways to influence our decisions in a specific direction when buying a product. For example, the market has to appeal to both male and female shoppers. When a male goes to purchase an item such as a new car, they may look for which car has the most power or features, while some females may not even know what 300 horsepower means. While creating car ads and commercials, to appeal to both male and female, they must identify safety and reliability, but also power and class.

Christmas time has evolved into a celebration of family and of caring for one another, and presents seem to be a way to express our gratitude towards one another. Shopping is at the center of this holiday, which requires shopping either in stores or online. It is estimated that Americans spend on average $850 to $1,150 on Christmas gifts. This surge of buying not only helps the economy, but this is the time out of the year that stores depend on in order to gain the bulk of their income. Although giving and receiving gifts during Christmas is an extraordinary time, Americans could not afford to have it last all year.

Today many people seem to have busier lives and no time for shopping. Shopping is all about convenience. Finding the product the fastest way and purchasing it is the key to successful shopping. With the busier lives people have, less and less time goes into shopping for that perfect gift. Online shopping has become an easier way to make shopping more convenience, being able to purchase anytime, whether at work or sitting on the train. Online shopping sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, have created a way to offer marketing strategies for companies and bargains for consumers. Most deals on these sites are offered at half-price of retail. For example, you can spend $25 on Groupon for a local store or restaurant, and receive $50 worth of store credit.

Shopping today has evolved dramatically over the past decade providing easier and more efficient ways to shop. Everyone is looking for the perfect sale or bargain in order to obtain the greatest amount of savings. The outcome of each shopping trip should produce realistic cost savings and the satisfaction each shopper is longing for. So next time you go out to find that perfect gift, always keep the possible end savings result in the back of your mind to avoid overpaying for any gifts.

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