When choosing the “perfect” drink to balance a meal, one must assess taste, texture, and how the drink will affect the entire meal experience. This is not so different when a business is looking for a Strategic Sourcing partner.

The perfect drink can enrich the choice of food and add to the overall bite! A New York City beer sommelier, Hayley Jensen, is quoted in the Wall Street Journal; “Oysters work well with creamy stouts, as the smooth feeling of the beer complements the buttery mouth feel of the oysters.” Business managers want a partner who has experience in sourcing specific commodities but who will work well with their team members in a collaborative effort and produce a result.

Before Hayley starts eating, “Ms. Jensen always pauses to have a little taste of the beer first. ‘You need to let it penetrate your palate,’ she says.” Business managers should always understand their partner’s code of ethics, their sourcing strategies, and what their process is when going to market and working with suppliers. The customer should feel comfortable with the companies approach and have positive expectations that a savings result is achievable.

Depending on the choice of beer, the glass should be chosen carefully and be presented at the right temperature. You do not want a glass that is hard to manage or affects the taste of the beer. A Strategic Sourcing partner should be sensitive to the customer’s needs, goals, and requirements for each initiative they are engaged in. The outcome of the experience, although may produce a cost savings, should satisfy the customer, educate them on decision making when purchasing a product or service, and encourage them to continue to engage the Strategic Sourcing company.
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Leigh Merz

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