Rumor: White iPhone 4 to go on sale this week  Reports of manufacturing delays have plagued Apple's suppliers for a while, leaving consumers without the choice of purchasing a white iPhone 4. Currently, there is only a standard color on the market, but that could change this week, according to a recently published report.

The Strategic Sourceror has reported this month on the manufacturing delays that have caused disruptions to Apple's iPhone supply chain in the past, but this week reports are surfacing that the newest iteration of the iPhone will soon be available to consumers in white. Unlike past models of Apple's massively popular smartphone, the iPhone 4 has so far been only available in one standard color.

Citing unnamed sources, the International Business Times reports that the white iPhone 4 could go on sale this week in the U.S. Moreover, TechLand, a blog devoted to electronics and other gadget news, has posted a screenshot from Best Buy's inventory, showing that the retail giant will begin selling the white iPhone on April 27.

Some Apple executives have said the phone would come out this spring, and reports have swirled over the past few weeks that the white iPhone would be available during the last week of April - which happens to be upon us.
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