IBM software helps businesses boost efficiency and streamline operations  International Business Machine has helped companies transform their operations for years, contributing to the rise of workplace efficiency. This week, the company unveiled a new software system that aims to help companies increase efficiency and cut costs by streamlining their operations. 

The new product, Business Process Management (BPM), gives businesses the ability to more deeply look into how their entire enterprise functions - from customer service to finance - and adjust plans to increase efficiency. If, for example, an error is detected somewhere in a company's supply chain or in communication between various departments, the software would highlight the issue and help executives to rectify the problem.

Studies have concluded that inefficient business practices cost Fortune 500 companies alone nearly $500 billion every year, and with its new software IBM hopes to tap into the growing market to reduce those mistakes. Nationwide vice president of information technology, Tammy Craig, said the software helped her company to cut costs and streamline its operations.

"Using IBM business process management technology, we have been able to boost the efficiency and accuracy of our financial reporting system, which pulls information from more than 300 independent subsidiaries," Craig asserted. "With all data going through one central business rules management system, we have streamlined complex processes, allowing us to focus even greater attention on serving the needs of our customers."
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