Japanese manufacturer boosts manufacturing to meet demand  The earthquake and tsunami that slammed Japan on March 11 caused supply chain disruptions for businesses throughout the world dependent on the country's manufacturing sector. While Japan recovers from one of the most brutal catastrophes in its history, there are companies that have seen an uptick in business in the aftermath of the natural disasters.

NPR reports that one of the busiest companies in Northern Japan is Okada Aiyon, a company that specializes in manufacturing steel jaws; the tools are attached to excavators and as thousands of the machines remove debris and look for bodies throughout the coast of the country, business is booming.

"We can't cover the demand," said branch manager Noboru Takahashi. "We're trying to get all the available jaws from all over the country. We've already sent 40 jaws to the coast and we'll ship another 100. We're buying used ones everywhere we can find them."

The company's stock has soared over the past few weeks as demand has risen precipitously. The company has boosted manufacturing to satiate its customers and has so far successfully worked to prevent any major supply disruptions. "I feel like it's my mission as a Japanese to deliver this equipment as quickly as possible," Takahashi affirmed.
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