The pharmaceutical industry is one we can't live without in today's society, and the men and women who keep pharma running feel that pressure day in and day out. Of course, there's a lot of money to be made, but there's also just as much money to be spent in making sure pharmaceutical companies continue to operate and deliver products that enhance our quality of life.

So of course the paradigm is to spend less money and make more money. Well, sales people focus on making more money - while the "spend less money" mission most often goes to the Procurement folks. These teams have the difficult task of identifying the right suppliers who provide high quality products and raw materials at affordable, competitive rates. But since the industry is so fast-paced, "competitive" becomes relative - especially amidst global inflation and stringent FDA regulations here at home.

Next month, procurement and strategic sourcing leaders in Pharmaceuticals will gather in Philadelphia for Q1's Pharmaceutical Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Conference.  Source One's experts will be there as sponsors and featured speaker to share our lessons learned from supporting world-class pharmaceutical leaders in strengthening their supply chains and optimizing budgets across functions.  Hope to see you there!

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