Study shows auto execs concerned about natural disastersA new report by Interchange Europe has revealed that automotive executives are increasingly concerned about natural disasters interrupting their carefully planned supply chains.

With unexpected disasters hitting all corners of the world, it is likely for global corporations to see their procurement, shipping or raw material supply interrupted at some point. Hurricane Katrina, volcanic ash in Iceland, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan and severe flooding in Thailand are several examples of unexpected events that took a toll on companies with interests in these areas.

Because it's probable that many global corporations will encounter a supply-chain-crippling event at some point, many automotive executives are attempting to plan for such an occurrence. It can be hard for a company to constantly keep up with potential disasters, which means executives need to be prepared and update plans consistently.

"No one was prepared for the flooding and I think the lesson we take away from this for the future is contingency plans have to be kept fresh," said Samnuek Ngamtrakulchol, GM Thailand's human resources chief, of the recent flooding in the country. "You can't put them away in the drawer and think they are done because things change all the time."
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