Procurement technology to gain tractionA new study revealed that organizations are becoming increasingly aware of and seeking out technology that can be used to help manage their businesses. This technology includes popular supply management software, as well as newer cloud-based applications.

Companies are beginning to implement this new technology to give them an overview of their vendors or suppliers, as well as their own performance. The systems give businesses the ability to better trace supplies and shipments.

Special software or cloud technology allows them to stay on top of industry and consumer demands. They can use the latest breakthroughs to handle vast amounts of information more easily. Orders, billing, shipping and storing products can all be located in the same place when a company implements this new technology.

When using technology to determine procurement best practices, cloud-based systems come with several drawbacks. Businesses need to carefully consider how they would deal with security issues or the event of a system collapse.

Even though cloud technology is shunned by some companies, large corporations such as Pfizer are using it to help them keep track of their entire supply chains. If an organization needs to connect with a vast number of suppliers, it can be simpler to implement cloud technology for every business involved rather than require a large number of companies to use the same software. Some are drawn to cloud-based systems because they can easily track their procurement practices and determine how to improve them.
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