And its official folks, the iPhone 5 was officially announced today.  Pre-orders for the new device, what Apple refers to as its thinnest and lightest iPhone yet, are set to begin on September 14th.  The new smartphone will be available in stores on September 21st.  So what are the juicy details?  Being the thinnest yet, the iPhone 5 comes in at a mere 7.6 millimeters thin. Apple has taken the super small micro-SIM and made it 44% smaller to accommodate the new design.  Other features that were subject to the shrinkage include the voice and data chips which are now combined into one chip as well as the camera seeing a 20% reduction in size but with added features such as panorama. Finally the new A6 chip is 22% smaller and boasts twice the power as its predecessor the A5. Overall the new device is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than the previous iPhone 4S.

Of course this is just a small portion of the array of new and improved features, the Apple website goes on to describe the high-tech manufacturing process and other unique design elements of its new baby.  Personally I am currently an Android user, but by no means am I committed in this relationship.  I’d like to see some actual user reviews and determine how the new device performs in the field before making the official decision to jump the Android ship and join Team Apple.  What do you think?
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