Government pushes strategic sourcingPresident Barack Obama's administration has increased the pressure on government agencies, requesting that they adopt strategic sourcing policies to obtain greater savings.

Federal Computer Week reported that Joe Jordan, an administrator for the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, said low budgets may be encouraging agencies to source strategically in an attempt to save money. However, he mentioned many agencies are reluctant to give up control of their decisions.

Not all government agencies are hesitant when it comes to updating their procurement policies. Some have embraced it, while others are behind the curve. According to the source, Jordan said various agencies are at vastly different points when it comes to their sourcing strategies.

The administration recently upped its interest in agency sourcing. During a September meeting, the President's Management Advisory Board's Strategic Sourcing Subcommittee determined that an administration mandate for sourcing vehicles may be a way to ensure agencies obtain their vehicles appropriately. The matter has yet to officially be decided.

At the meeting, the subcommittee also suggested that agencies review a book detailing some strategic sourcing best practices to ensure they are taking the appropriate steps to save money wherever possible.
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