Consumers may see iPhone 5 shortageDue to unforeseen difficulties in the Apple supply chain, those who are seeking a brand new iPhone 5 could potentially have a hard time finding one in the coming months.

The Wall Street Journal reported that because of an unexpected increase in pre-orders for the product, Apple's suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand for more components. While pre-orders for the iPhone 4S numbered 1 million, requests for the latest model were more than double that - on the very first day the product was available for pre-order.

Because the iPhone 5 uses a new LCD screen technology, it is harder to manufacture in large numbers. Some component suppliers fear a screen shortage, which could result in fewer products on the shelves. The source reported that even though Apple uses multiple suppliers for its iPhone screen procurement, a hold-up at one of its Asian screen manufacturing facilities delayed production for weeks.

Apple has experienced product shortages with some of its previous electronics launches, so a limited iPhone 5 supply would not be unheard of. Despite rumors of a shortage, Bloomberg reported the company could sell 10 million of the latest phones this weekend. With high sales numbers and unrelenting consumer demand, there is a possibility the screen supply shortage could make the phone difficult to find in the coming months.
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