Supply chain struggles for AppleApple's Asian supply chain is struggling to meet demand for the company's next series of products, which is planned to be released soon.

According to the Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes' unnamed sources, suppliers are having difficulties meeting demand for the production of more Apple products as a result of not being able to find enough workers to make components.

The new MacBooks are expected to debut this summer, but the demand far outweighs the supply.

The source also said MacBook shipments could total between 16.24 million and 19.2 million this year, which is between a 30 and 50 percent increase from last year.

According to RBC Capital Markets, there was an outperform rating on the Cupertino company's stock, and within a year shares could reach a $700 price target.

Chinese regulators recently approved Apple's iPad 3, which opens up the possibility for the company to launch the latest version of its tablet in the huge Chinese market.
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