As a continuation of our last SEO blog, Bill Dorn and I will discuss ways to generate more views to your website with the use of search engine optimization. SEO is an ongoing process that may sometimes be complex and take time. Every business site should aim to incorporate search engine optimization as part of their growth strategies. While most consultants and individuals will tell you the most effective SEO strategy is to produce relevant content and get lots of links to your site, this blog will shed the light on some other very important techniques used to generate effective SEO, or will help you understand what an SEO contractor should actually be doing for you. In order to get the most out of each step, this blog will focus on four very important techniques, while I will add to the list with additional tips and techniques within the next few weeks.

Quality information. Google has taken the lead and all other search engines are following, they want to see relevant high-quality information on websites.  In an attempt to cut down on garbage and spam websites, they have recently increased the importance of high-quality content in their ranking mechanisms. If you do not have time to provide users with high quality information, it may be beneficial to hire web content writers to provide articles and blogs, however be careful of plagiarism (  Search engines penalize you heavily for having duplicate content on your site.

Updated content  Another component of having quality information is having current and frequently updated information.  This shows search engines that your site has not been abandoned.  If you have a site that is highly static in its information, think about adding a blog or news section that you update periodically.

Keywords are Key.  One word explains it all. It is important to carefully select keywords that relate to the content you which to establish. Make sure that those keywords are used frequently within the pages and content of your website.  The frequency of the keyword usage (in comparison to the total page content and page content) has a large bearing on your ranking in topic searches on search engines.  Use keyword and keyword phrases frequently, but make sure the site is still readable by a human.  Also, don’t forget to have meta-tags that match the page you are on, we will talk about them in the next blog post in this series... 

Start a blog or participate in other blogs:  Blogs are an ideal place for new and unique content that also gives users the ability to join in on the conversation. Reading and commenting on other blogs can also increase exposure. One tip on blog SEO  is to have a focused industry or themed site. If you build a blog site with several pages of content on the same theme, this will increase your chances of ranking and ability to be viewed as an authority on this topic. 

All companies strive to bring more traffic to their sites which in hopes will bring more business. There are several important ways to generate more views to your website with the use of SEO. The above techniques are some of the most basic and  quickest ways to implement into your existing web designs. These techniques above will help to optimize and enhance your site from search engines. It is important to remember that if you are not able to dedicate enough time and effort to incorporate these techniques and work through any problems you may encounter, it would be wise to reach out to consultants who are able to devote additional time and knowledge. The next part of the series will focus on several other tips used to get the most out of SEO.

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