Spirit to charge passengers $100 for carry-on baggage If travelers aboard Spirit Airlines hope to save money, they would do well to check their bags.

Spirit Airlines is one of the only carriers in the U.S. that charges passengers a nominal fee for toting carry-on luggage. The airline originally began charging the fee as a means of spurring customers to check their bags, as company executives said it would trim boarding times and improve efficiency.

The Associated Press reports Spirit is taking the program a step further, as the carrier plans to charge passengers $100 to stow luggage in the overhead compartments on its aircraft. Spirit currently levies a $45 surcharge on such baggage, but the Florida-based company plans to implement the price hike in the beginning of November. Small bags that do not need to be placed in the overhead storage units are not included in the new policy, the company said.

Spirit, like other airlines in the U.S. and throughout the globe, has intensified its cost savings initiatives over the past few years as volatile fuel prices eroded profitability. The carrier noted passengers who pay for onboard luggage at one of the company's airport kiosks would only pay $50, with the $100 fee assessed at the time of boarding.

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