Procurement a good choice to lead IC initiatives A panel of speakers recently came together for a webinar that was hosted by the Human Capital Institute, highlighting independent contractor engagement and management issues.

The panelists agreed that HR, legal and procurement were the best fits to drive the most value from IC management, if they are working together.

According to the "Contingent Workforce Management: The Next-Generation Guidebook to Managing the Modern Contingent Workforce Umbrella" study, contingent workforce management in today's economic environment deals with a complex set of sub-components that are beyond traditional temporary labor. Furthermore, more businesses are relying on independent contractors to undertake projects, according to a blog written by one of the webinar panelists, Christopher Dwyer of Global Supply Management.

According Dwyer, procurement-led contingent workforce management programs are 64 percent more likely to extend in a high visibility way across an enterprise, and 30 percent more likely to outsource management of contingent labor duties to third-party solutions.

A new mobile workforce management software called Smart Collaboration was recently introduced, taking a step into social networking, which allows users to find resources in their field and automatically connects them to people with needed expertise, which could streamline the contracting process.
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