In today’s economy, being efficient and operating at a low cost is no longer considered a competitive advantage; it’s a requirement to survive. While Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is widely used across all industries as a revenue enabler, many companies who don’t implement their BPO strategy properly end up backing themselves into a corner…or a bad contract with the wrong partner. 

Source One has teamed with noted BPO expert, George Brooke, and has released a new whitepaper providing a high-level outline of the processes necessary to ensure a successful BPO implementation. This whitepaper outlines seven steps, starting with internal evaluation and ending with negotiation and implementation. “Seven Steps to BPO Success” details the questions companies need to ask themselves when they are looking to outsource a business process and helps them to recognize when doing so would be  advantageous to their business.

“BPO providers that also propose to host and license the enabling applications on which the in-scope transactions are performed may be of great convenience and benefit, but require a much more comprehensive, two-phased evaluation. We strongly recommend an evaluation of the application “fit” first and then a separate evaluation of the competitiveness of the BPO capabilities.”

- Seven Steps to BPO Success, Step #5: Selection of “Best Fit” Provider  
To request your free copy of “Seven Steps to BPO Success,” visit our Contact Us page, complete the form at the bottom, and select BPO Whitepaper from the drop-down menu, or simply email us at info {at} and provide your name, title and company.
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