American Airlines lost $619 million in February American Airlines is continuing to struggle to boost  earnings amid soaring fuel prices and heightened competition.

The Dallas, Texas-based AMR Corp., American Airlines' parent company, said this week that it lost hundreds of millions of dollars in February. The airline filed for bankruptcy protection late last year and like many carriers, it has suffered under the weight of soaring fuel prices. While many carriers have fueled revenue by levying fees on formerly free services such as baggage checks and in-flight meals, American Airlines has experienced middling results in its business cost reduction and strategic sourcing efforts.

AMR officials told a bankruptcy court this week that it lost $619 million in February, The Associated Press reports. The company said fuel and labor costs continued to weigh most heavily on profitability, with the price of oil surging since the beginning of the year amid geopolitical unrest and robust demand from emerging economies.

AMR logged revenue of $1.81 billion in February, a drop from the $2.03 billion it posted in the month prior. The company is planning to cut as many as 13,000 jobs in a cost reduction initiative, but is still struggling amid ongoing supplier contract negotiations.

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