BMW recalls 1.3 million cars One of the world's largest automakers issued a major recall this week, in response to potential safety concerns.

Germany-based BMW, the world's largest luxury carmaker, said this week it would recall more than 1.3 million vehicles in one of its largest such recalls in years. The automaker said the recall would affect certain models of its 5- and 6-series cars that were manufactured between 2003 and 2010.

BMW has faced mounting competition from other luxury automakers over the past few years as it sought to maintain its dominance in the global auto market. The company said it issued the recall because in rare cases, a batter cable covering the trunk was incorrectly installed in certain vehicle models. The defect could potentially prevent affected cars from starting, while it may also spark a fire in other models, the company said.

The luxury carmaker has improved supply chain management over the past year in an effort to improve reliability and quality. The Associated Press reports the company plans to notify owners by letter and will pay for the repairs, which should only take roughly 30 minutes.

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